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Top tips for hosting an all-ages event

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Many events attract guests with a large age range, and while such an event is a popular way to enjoy the company of family and friends, a little planning is necessary to ensure it is a success. If you're organising an event with guests of all ages, check out these top tips.

Select a suitable range of foods 

Catering for an all-ages event such as a wedding or combined birthday party can be tricky. To make sure that all of your guests enjoy the spread and go home with a full stomach, work with your caterers to create a balance between the modern dining expectations of the younger generation and the hearty traditional meals of older guests. This may mean reworking some old-fashioned favourites with a modern twist- try serving a meat dish on a bed of quinoa or cauliflower rice, and replacing pasta with zoodles. If you're planning a formal, sit-down meal, consider offering several meal options and asking for guests to include their choice when they RSVP. Include some classic favourites on the kids menu, such as nuggets and chips, so that the parents don't have a battle on their hands at mealtime.

Consider buffet-style service

One of the best ways to ensure your guests enjoy their meal at your all-ages event is to provide a buffet or smorgasbord-style meal. This way, your guests will be able to pick and choose what foods they like, and you can avoid the seemingly impossible task of working out a set menu that will satisfy everyone. If your event is casual or in-between set mealtimes, consider setting up a grazing station complete with a range of breads, cheeses, dips, crudités and deli meats. Work with your caterer to create a buffet to meet the range of potential dietary needs and tastes of your guests, including vegetarian and paleo options.

Hire a DJ instead of a band

Selecting music for an all-ages event can be a real challenge- unfortunately, it's nearly impossible to satisfy everyone's music tastes. It's unlikely that band or solo artist will have a repertoire of music large enough to meet the tastes of everyone at an all-ages event- a class rock band, for example, probably won't be able to belt out some dub step tunes. Sure, you can try to anticipate what music all of your guests will enjoy, and create a playlist on your mp3 player or hire a band for the night. By hiring a DJ, however, you will be leaving the guess work up to a professional with the skills and experience to successfully cater for a range of music tastes. It is highly recommended that you consider hiring a DJ who is happy to take requests, and has plenty of experience playing at all-ages events such as weddings, birthdays and family parties.

For expert advice on how to make your next all-ages event a success, contact your local restaurant and function centre today.