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What to Include in Your Fine Dining Restaurant

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If you are planning on opening your own restaurant, you might chosen to go with a fine dining restaurant. This is not the same as a diner or casual restaurant, so it is important to understand the difference and know in which ways you need to be a little different. Here are some things to make sure you include in your fine dining restaurant.

Top-Notch Table Service 

One way a fine dining establishment is different from other restaurants is that there are stellar waiters and waitresses. They will provide exceptional table service, often tailored to the type of cuisine you serve. For example, in a French restaurant, the food is often prepared right on the side of the table, while at American restaurants, the food is chosen from the menu first. In all types of cuisine, the waitstaff should be prepared to give the specials and use descriptive language when doing so, know how to properly serve wine to guests, and be prepared for giving recommendations when asked for them. Also make sure they know that ladies are served first and that a clean and neat appearance is essential in a fine dining restaurant.

Upscale Dishes and Linens

Your fine dining restaurant should only have the best linens and dishes. You should never have anything made of plastic or paper in the establishment. All plates, cups, and plates are not only made of porcelain or glass, but tend to be high-end. They should match and follow a uniform style. Don't use any plates or cutlery with spots, stains, or chips. Make sure all your linens are made of cloth and never paper napkins. While it is okay to not have tablecloths, be sure the tablecloths you do have are clean, stain-free, and wrinkle-free.

Reservation System

Many fine dining establishments also provide a reservation system instead of just sitting people first come, first serve. With reservations, you can not only have better control over how many people arrive during lunch or dinner shifts, but it makes you appear more high-end. The best and most popular restaurants will often require reservations for everyone eating at their establishment. Have a specific time for starting reservations during each shift to have better flow and control over the kitchen and food preparation as well.

Also make sure all the food and drinks you serve is top-shelf and of the highest quality. Meat should be all-natural and grass-fed, while alcohol and wine should be strictly top-shelf.