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5 Tips for Ordering Your Child's First Steak

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So, you're about to visit your local steak house and you want to order your child their first proper steak. Children can see their first time straying from the kid's menu as something of a rite of passage, so make sure you follow the 5 tips listed below to make sure everything runs smoothly.

1. Choose the Right Cut

It's usually best to order your child's steak for them; the array of options can be bewildering, and they might pick one that is quite tough to eat. Try going for a fatty cut, without bones, that will ensure a moist and tender meal. One of the best choices you can make is a boneless top loin steak, which may also be referred to as a strip steak or New York strip. They are made up of one side of a T-bone steak.

2. Select the Right Doneness

When you order your child's first steak, you'll need to be careful about the level of doneness. The more well-cooked a steak is, the tougher it is going to be to eat, but rare steaks should be avoided since young children are at greater risk of developing food poisoning from consuming such lightly-cooked meat. As a happy medium, no pun intended, go for medium.

3. Order a Few Sides

It can be a little bit intimidating for a child to see their first steak arrive with nothing to accompany it; they might think that they won't get anything to eat if they don't have the steak, and the prospect of one dish without sides might seem a little odd. Make sure you order some onion rings, French fries, or other side to accompany the steak itself, and let your kid use condiments if they so choose.

4. Make Sure of No Loose Teeth

Even the most tender of steaks is going to require a little bit of chewing. Unfortunately, your child may be eating their first one as baby teeth are starting to fall out. If this happens while they're eating, it's possible that the tooth may be swallowed, so make sure you order their first steak when a tooth isn't about to drop out.

5. Don't Tell Them the Price

Yes, steak is more expensive than hamburgers and chicken nuggets, but don't tell your child how much you're spending on them. This will only pressure them into thinking that they have to like the steak. Just let them enjoy it.

If you follow the 5 tips listed above, your child is much more likely to enjoy their meal and remember the occasion fondly.