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Sushi Restaurant | The First-Timer's 4-Step Guide To Order Sushi Like A Seasoned Pro At A Restaurant

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Planning to visit a sushi restaurant for the first time? The exotic flavours are bound to enthrall your taste buds, if you order and eat correctly. Apart from its artful presentation, fresh sushi can elevate your eating experience when you know what to order. This guide aims to help first timers order sushi like seasoned pros at restaurants.

Start With A Light Plate And Work Your Way To The Heavier Ones

The biggest mistake beginners make is that they order all dishes at once. You obviously won't eat all the dishes together, so the others will remain waiting on the table and will eventually dry out. Instead, start by ordering a light place of sashimi to warm up your palate. You can then move on to heavier sushi dishes made from mackerel and tunas. You can then end your meal at the sushi restaurant with sweeter items made from eggs or eel.

Seek Out The Daily Specials

A good sushi restaurant will typically have some daily specials based on the fish available on the day. For the best fresh sushi eating experience, you may want to seek out these specials. Some restaurants are also well known for certain preparations. Find out what they are. You're not only respecting the chef, but you're also giving yourself the opportunity to taste the best of what the sushi restaurant has to offer.

Avoid Ordering Colourful Rolls

If you're really looking for an authentic sushi eating experience, then you'll ideally want to stay away from the colourful rolls. While a sushi restaurant typically puts these rolls on the menu to cater to different taste buds, know that rolls with rainbow sauces or multiple kinds of fish make it difficult for individual flavours to stand out. So while you will still eat a sushi roll, you won't get the authentic experience you desire on your first visit.

Don't Ask For Ginger And Wasabi Like They Are Entrees

Keep in mind that ginger and wasabi are meant to be palate cleansers between every sushi dish you eat, so don't ask for them like they are meant to be part of your meal. They will likely come complimentary with any roll you order. Avoid mixing wasabi with your soy sauce because this dilutes the flavour of the wasabi. Use these items sparingly because the hero of your experience must always be the sushi or sashimi you order.

Your first time visit to a sushi restaurant doesn't have to be ridden with doubt when you have these smart steps at your disposal to help you order like a seasoned pro.