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Keto Dining Help

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Very low carbohydrate diets have been linked to numerous health benefits and are taking the fitness world by storm as the new fast and efficient way to lose weight fast. Not only can they help increase potential fat loss by restricting insulin spiking carbs, but also they help to minimise water retention making them great for a quick fix to reduce the pre summer bloating. Ketogenic diets are one such method of eating, however the strict adherence to eating such a low amount of net carbs each day can scare people away, as it seems to restrict their ability to eat out and dine with friends. This couldn't be further from the truth, and actually with a little planning you can enjoy eating out at just about any restaurant and still reap the benefits of a nutritious meal.

It's All About Balance

Indian, Asian and BBQ cuisine are hugely popular all over the world, and whilst at first sight they might appear to be unhealthy and detrimental to a fat loss diet, you can actually hit your macros very easily. With a keto diet you're looking to reduce the fuel source your body uses (glycogen) and switch to ketones which encourage fat burning. In order to do this a macro ratio of approximately 30 percent protein, 65 percent fat and five percent carbs is required. This reduces insulin spikes and provide fat for energy and protein for recovery.

Indian Dining

Indian food is often associated with rice and curry type dishes. Whilst rice certainly isn't keto friendly the meat dishes that are cooked with cream and butter are. The proportion of protein to fat works well, and instead of a rice side dish you can accompany it with some full fat yoghurt, home made cauliflower rice (if eating a takeaway) or a simple side salad if eating at a restaurant. Real butter is actually full of vitamins and minerals, particularly if it's grass fed, whilst red meat such as lamb and beef contains saturated fat which, contrary to popular belief, isn't bad for your health and can actually boost testosterone levels.

Chinese Dining

Chinese dining can be a little trickier if you love your sweet sauces, however shredded duck reduces this and can be accompanied with lettuce leaves and shredded greens for a boost in polyphenols and a good protein to fat ration meat. Boiled meat broths can also be a good option as the stock can help to replace lost electrolytes which is common in low carb diets.