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Discover the hidden delights of your local Chinese takeaway

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There are not many people who look forward to cooking a family meal in the evening after a long day at work. Cooking is a chore that the majority of people would much rather avoid if they possibly can. For many individuals, the temptation to pick up a takeaway meal on their way home from work, or order something online or by phone while they are comfortably relaxing on the sofa watching television, is almost irresistible. Takeaway food is easy to order, ready in minutes and in many cases it can even be delivered directly to your door. The only decision you need to make is what you feel like eating.

What's your favourite type of takeaway food?

Whether you favour Indian, Korean or Turkish takeaway food, there is sure to be somewhere not too far away that sells exactly what you are craving. One of the most popular types of food available to takeaway is Chinese. Chinese food has been widely sold in takeaways for many years, but for many people it is still something of a mystery. Looking down the menu in a Chinese food takeaway can be a confusing experience if you aren't familiar with the contents of some of the dishes. Mushrooms in oyster sauce may be easily understandable, but what is mushroom chow mein? What is Won Ton or Kung Pao Chicken? Unless you have taken the time to learn the meaning behind some of these names, ordering your evening meal from a Chinese takeaway quickly becomes an exercise in guesswork.

Here is a guide to some of the most common items you will discover on most Chinese food takeaway menus, to help you discover some of the great food they have to offer.

  • Wontons are simply boiled dumplings stuffed with chicken, pork or shrimp. They can be either steamed or deep fried, so if you aren't sure exactly how they will be served it is a good idea to check when you place the order.
  • Most people who order spring rolls as part of their Chinese food takeaway will consider them to be an appetiser. A spring roll is really just a flour and water wrap which is filled with meat and vegetables, such as carrots, beansprouts and celery, and then deep fried until it is crispy. 
  • Chow Mein one of the most common items to find on a Chinese menu. It includes stir-fried noodles served with a meat dish of your choosing.
  • Kung Pao chicken is a spicy dish. The chicken breast is diced and then stir-fried before being served with peppers, peppercorns, chili and peanuts. Sometimes you may find chicken replaced with an alternative meat dish.
  • Char Siu pork is barbecued, skewered pork strips which have been marinaded in a combination of five-spice, honey, soy sauce, and sherry and rice wine. This dish is frequently coloured with a red glaze.

These are just a few of the choices available at your local Chinese food takeaway -- why not pay them a visit tonight and begin a new culinary journey?