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Sushi Restaurant | The First-Timer's 4-Step Guide To Order Sushi Like A Seasoned Pro At A Restaurant

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Planning to visit a sushi restaurant for the first time? The exotic flavours are bound to enthrall your taste buds, if you order and eat correctly. Apart from its artful presentation, fresh sushi can elevate your eating experience when you know what to order. This guide aims to help first timers order sushi like seasoned pros at restaurants. Start With A Light Plate And Work Your Way To The Heavier Ones Read More»

5 Tips for Ordering Your Child's First Steak

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So, you’re about to visit your local steak house and you want to order your child their first proper steak. Children can see their first time straying from the kid’s menu as something of a rite of passage, so make sure you follow the 5 tips listed below to make sure everything runs smoothly. 1. Choose the Right Cut It’s usually best to order your child’s steak for them; the array of options can be bewildering, and they might pick one that is quite tough to eat. Read More»

Finding delicious vegan Indian food in your city

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Indian cuisine is a great option for vegans as the tasty spices and interesting textures can make it popular for everyone you are eating with. Here are some tips when looking for the best vegetarian restaurants in your town.  Call ahead One of the hidden sources of animal product in Indian food is ghee, which is clarified butter. It is used both as a cooking oil and to add flavour to Indian dishes. Read More»

What to Include in Your Fine Dining Restaurant

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If you are planning on opening your own restaurant, you might chosen to go with a fine dining restaurant. This is not the same as a diner or casual restaurant, so it is important to understand the difference and know in which ways you need to be a little different. Here are some things to make sure you include in your fine dining restaurant. Top-Notch Table Service  One way a fine dining establishment is different from other restaurants is that there are stellar waiters and waitresses. Read More»

4 Chinese Dishes That Are Suitable For Vegans

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It’s not always easy to eat out when you’re vegan, but despite the prevalence of meat in Chinese recipes, there are a number of popular Chinese dishes that are suitable for vegans. You’ll want to check with your server that a dish truly is suitable by asking them to confirm the type of fat used for frying and whether the dish was cooked with fish or chicken stock, as meat stocks are common in certain Chinese cuisines, such as Lu cuisine from the Shandong province. Read More»

Top tips for hosting an all-ages event

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Many events attract guests with a large age range, and while such an event is a popular way to enjoy the company of family and friends, a little planning is necessary to ensure it is a success. If you’re organising an event with guests of all ages, check out these top tips. Select a suitable range of foods  Catering for an all-ages event such as a wedding or combined birthday party can be tricky. Read More»